The economic growth of Rio seems unstoppable. The city of Rio de Janeiro, will be in the next years, the scene of the most important international events: the World Meeting of the UN Climate Change (Rio +20) in 2012, the FIFA World Cup in 2014; and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016. At the center of these events, the Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies - Regional RJ (Abradi-RJ) brings together national companies that reach customers all over Brazil, with attributes like creativity and innovation.

Abradi-RJ is a nonprofit organization that aims to generate business opportunities for its members, fostering the growth of the digital market and disseminate best practices that can support a better development of interactive projects. Another important characteristic from Abradi-RJ is its position as the reference entity of digital activities, both in terms of its production rules and ethical conduct.

Equipped with the latest technology and manpower, Rio’s digital solution companies present themselves as the best partner for those looking to do business and advertise products and services in Brazil. Today more than 40 companies are already associated with Abradi-RJ. All of them, full service and specialized agencies, which operate in planning, development, communication and management of interactive projects. To show the Abradi-RJ stamp, the company goes through an evaluation board to demonstrate their technical and marketing  knowledge.

Abradi-RJ is part of the Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies (Abradi), that includes more than 450 companies and is present in eight Brazilian states. The companies work daily with large global customers, subsidiaries at the four corners of the world. There’s no lack of work. After all, the online media should exceed the ads in magazines and, in 2011, consist of the third largest advertising budget in Brazil. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Brazil, the Brazilian digital advertising revenue will be U.S. $ 3.04 billion, or $ 1.9 billion

Rio de Janeiro

Future home of some of the biggest sporting events in the world, Rio is the city that received most of the investments over the past three years.

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Sixth largest economy, Brazil is one of the countries that invests the most in innovation and technology. It is the ideal place for business.

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